International Women’s Day


March is filled with recognition for us ladies! It’s Women’s History Month and a couple of days ago it was International Women’s Day too!

I spent the 8th March thinking about not only all of the inspiring women who are globally recognised but also the wonderful women and leading ladies close to me!

My Mum

My mum is probably one of the most inspiring figures in my life. Not being bias but…she is the absolute best! I know the phrase “Mother knows best” is a cliche but it genuinely is true. She always knows what to do, say and gives me excellent advice no matter how busy she is 24/7. So, a big shoutout to my mumma who is my rock, leading lady and one of the most important people. Thank you for teaching me to be the strong and determined person I am, always dealing with me even if I’m difficult and caring ALWAYS.


My Sister

Megan, who I have many little nicknames for (usually megs, megsymoo or something else that probably embarrasses her infront of her friends), is my sister. We are 3 years apart but very close. I know I can always go to her and she won’t sugarcoat it. She says it how it is and her honesty and straight-up attitude just really teaches me not to be TOO soft. To just get on with things. I’m a lot more sensitive than her and in that way I can always rely on some good sister talk when I need it. So, even though you “borrow” my fluffy coats, hats and whatever else, thank you for being a lifelong friend I can always go to.


My Nan

Who doesn’t love a good hug? Whenever I see my nan, she always asks for a “big hug”. This is one of my favourite things. I’m her eldest granddaughter who always get these. She is one of the most caring people in the world and honestly thinks I can do anything. She makes me feel like I can. So, nan, with all your big hugs and always-volumous hair, thank you for believing in my ability to reach my goals.


My Godmothers

These gorgeous women have been by my side since I was born. Being some of my parents best friends I know that if anything were to happen I could turn to them for anything. even though we aren’t related by blood, we most definitely are family and I consider them my “second-mums” and have god-brothers and sisters to go alongside them too. So, to all my godmothers, thank you for being an extended part of my family that is just as important to me as my actual family – but then as I see it you are my actual family!

My Friends

So, whether we have known each other 10 years, 2 years or just a couple of months, my friends are those people that brighten your day. Our strong bonds, humour, fun nights out and deep conversations – thank you for all bringing happiness to my life. You are all a part of me and all your beautiful different qualities make me so grateful that you are in my life and are making it even better. Friends are family you choose, thank you for all the fun times, laughs and memories and for the ones to come!

I suppose, the people you surround with yourself shape who you are. It just so happens that I have a gorgeous group of intelligent, smart, caring and strong women around me and that’s just how it is!

So thank you to all the leading ladies in my life for being a part of me and making me who I am today!

Who are the leading ladies in your life? #internationalwomensday #8thMarch #womenshistorymonth #myleadingladies

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