3 Ways Roqqett Makes Your Life Easier

The process of paying money is something that should be simple and hassle free. Let’s be real – there is nothing more irritating than having to fumble about in your bag to find your card or loose cash, in front of a whole queue of people waiting to be served.

Contactless payments accounted for around ‘88%’* (Flinders, 2021) of card payments in the UK in 2020 and are a highly popular way of paying – but when your card goes missing? Nightmare.

Roqqett provides card-free convenience, allowing people to pay their way wherever they are! I downloaded the app to see how I found it and based on my experience, it seems like a no-brainer.

The Roqqett app is the new way of making payments in your life easier. Here’s how!

1. Ditching the digits 

By using Roqqett, you can simply save time. If you are transferring money to a small business, re-paying a family or friend, there’s no need to exchange details. You can send and request payments in seconds.

Roqqett allows you to transfer money with just your Personal Launch Code, and that is all you need! Your money is instantly transferred. It’s that easy, and this is one of my favourite features of the app.

So, no more number swapping  just to set up a payee account, Roqqett has made it simple and avoided complication to make your payments quick and easy, so you can save time and get on with your day.

2. Cancel the card 

Lose your card often? No problem – me too. You don’t need to have your card physically with you whilst using Roqqett, you only need the app. So, wherever you are, you can pay your way without needing your card. This resonated with me so much – I’m so forgetful and often misplace my card, so it’s great to know that your backed up on the app.

Not only does Roqqett make paying easy by having card-free convenience, Roqqett will also have your bank details saved. This means that you can see all of your separate accounts in one place, to safely check on your balances all together. This is great for students like me because often you can have different accounts for rent, bills and savings. Seeing the accounts side by side (especially if you use different banks for different accounts) is so useful.

Roqqett isn’t tied to a bank but works securely with all of them –  everyone can be part of the Roqqett community!

3. Community of convenience

Roqqett is a community of convenience. In this fast-paced society, we want simpler and faster ways of payments, and Roqqett does just that. The Roqqett community promote ease and efficiency, making the process simple – there’s no need to overcomplicate things is there?

The direct bank-to-bank transactions, Roqqett is simpler, faster, and cheaper than traditional card payments, which is a big bonus for students especially! In addition to this, there is biometric security needed to complete a Roqqett payment, means it’s also safer from fraud – and no-one wants to get caught up in that!

Safe, easy, convenient – what’s not to love? The app was effortless to navigate when I set up my own account, so again Roqqett means less complication.

I would definitely recommend joining  the Roqqett community! Make your life easier by making your payments instant and hassle free.

Click Here to download the app and try it yourself!

* Flinders, K., 2021. Nine out of 10 UK card payments in 2020 were contactless. [online] ComputerWeekly.com. Available at: <https://www.computerweekly.com/news/252495222/Nine-out-of-10-UK-card-payments-in-2020-were-contactless> [Accessed 13 February 2021].

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