What a cracker of a Christmas!

Cozy and humble

This year it was just a chilled one, which was great after getting home from uni, lots of scrumptious food and for once the turkey wasn’t dry!!! What a Christmas miracle!

My family and I had a great day and in the evening I saw some friends whilst everyone at mine had a snooze on the sofa – I swear this happens every year?!

No Boxing-day Blues for us!

Fair to say Boxing-day was true bliss too! LOADS of left-overs from Christmas day to munch on and then we started a new tradition and went ice-skating with more family friends! It was nice to get out of the house and do something instead of a sluggish afternoon – sometimes it’s lush to lounge around but it was refreshing to actually go somewhere and do something different this year!

We all went into a gorgeous bar afterwards for hot-chocolates and mulled cider. It was decorated in fairy-lights and faux-fur blankets – it was honestly so pretty and a great way to end the day out – it reminded me of a chalet we visited on a skiing trip once.

I suppose however you spend your holidays – whether it’s at home or away, enjoying it with your favourite people is the most important part and that’s just how it is!

I hope everyone had an amazing time, wherever and however you celebrate Christmas! What did you get up to this December?

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