Does anyone else at uni feel like there is a mountain of work for portfolios lately?

I have only one exam at the end of the last semester, meaning that the rest of my portfolio coursework is going to determine if I get back onto my course next year.

Now, I have never, even in lower school, had a course that was mostly portfolio.

It’s been great not having to worry about revising and just having set work ready for May/June time but honestly, it gets a lot to do.

My “To-Do” list is so long, I don’t even know where to begin… I have partially finished work, work that I need to start and things that are finished but need editing and looking over. I feel like it’s endless.

I have looked over it time and time again and end up doing completely different things to distract me from the tasks looming over me that I will have to knock out soon to ensure I actually pass! My procrastination is at a particularly impressive level.

I have to set time to do specific things for all 4 of my modules. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing most of them but one module I just don’t click with, so I’ve ended up doing all of this work last (stupid I know – but I feel like most people do this too – or am I the only one?).

I know that I will get out what I put in on this course and most things at uni are dependent on self-discipline and independent drive, but it’s hard to even be bothered when we have spouts of sun in late February! 

Documents upon documents that I have to edit against chilling with your flatmates is quite a hard decision to make – am I right?

Everything aside, I suppose you do have to rely on yourself and push to get work done to achieve goals.

But it’s sometimes hard to start or difficult to find the motivation to begin and sometimes that’s just how it is.

I suppose we will thank ourselves later for doing it when we tick off our to-do lists.

Work hard, play hard.

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