Moving in and moving on…

A new start and a new beginning –

What I didn’t realise before I moved into uni

First of all, what a crazy few months it’s been since I have lived in Flat 3. Despite the fact that every time I go to my room I have to hike 6 flights of stairs because I live on top floor,  I wouldn’t change a thing for the world (except maybe installing a lift).

No one really speaks about how strange it is moving away from home for the first time.

Moving in for me was honestly one of the most overwhelming things I have done. There is so much packing and organising, figuring out what to bring and what not to bring – do you bring that jumper that you know you will never wear but in the event of an emergency could just maybe pull it out of the back of your wardrobe? Do I bring my favourite pair of earrings or will I lose them on a night out? Do I bring my favourite mug or will it get smashed?

All I can say is that over-packing is a thing. You don’t need every single thing from home, just the most important things that you will definitely need.


I know this because as soon as I started to unpack I realised I had bought a lot more than I needed. My clothes are stored under my bed in boxes because there isn’t enough room in my wardrobe, my drawers are filled with my stationary and pens, and my shelves are filled with pictures and fake flowers.

Ofcourse, my room looks full and feels more like home, but I will definitely be taking some things that I don’t need home when I visit my family.

Also – a brand new 16 piece dining set isn’t essential either – I have 4 plates and mugs, 2 bowls, 3 glasses alongside some pots and pans – and trust me, you hardly use any of it. Squeezing kitchen-ware into a tiny cupboard is annoying enough, but you also have to remember that you will be washing all of this up after you have used it and it’s not the most attractive job after a full day of lectures and not enough sleep…

Despite this it was really exciting moving out, if not really terrifying, exhausting and emotional –  but I suppose that’s just how moving on to a new chapter feels like and that’s just how it is.


Good luck! 

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