Feel-good February – self love and appreciation of others

Now it’s come to that time where people are obsessive over the idea of valentines day. It’s February, come on – that’s the main thing that people think of right?

  So firstly – Happy V-day!

It’s that time of year that flowers seem like they are somehow £15 for the equivalent of a bunch of daisies or dandelions and cheap chocolates are all the rage just because they are encased in some red ribbon. I’m not saying it’s damaging or a negative holiday and it’s great to join in but we have to take a step back and remember – it’s only one day of the year!

Even though today is universally noticed for showing your true affection and appreciation for people in your life, we should be doing this a lot more than just concentrating on a mere 24 hour period.

Whether you have that someone special or not, celebrating with the boys, a “gal-entines” day with your favourite girlfriends or even what I love to do have a “pal-entines” day – it’s important to start appreciating and loving yourself as well. 

Appreciation is an important thing on a general level and I think sometimes we take things for granted. People in our lives who have major or even minor roles – whether it be friends or family, really do help shape our health and happiness.

Appreciation is key

Even if you see them daily or once every 6 months, even every couple of years -we should let them know what they mean to us.

Life is too short to let relationships between the people we love fall behind or slip away. Although it may be difficult to reach or physically see them – maybe we should all make more effort to just give us a little reminder of their value to us – after all you never know what will happen tomorrow.

As well as this, we should look into the appreciation for ourself. And no, it’s not being stuck up or arrogant if you learn to love yourself first before anything else.

Even just accepting your own being and thinking about the things that you value about yourself is genuinely something that will benefit you. It helps you grow your self confidence and self worth that can often be overlooked on, where people are more obsessed on what they are not rather than seeing the qualities that define them.

“Love yourself first” – insta : @a_little_insight

I feel as if self worth can be almost overshadowed by desires to be something “better” or different than what you are now. Countless “role-models” are depicting lives that are insta-worthy and somewhat essential to be leading the “best” life. I know that yes, it’s great, that life looks cool and yes those people posing on their yachts look fabulous and they probably have earned it but they are not you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a Pinterest-perfect lifestyle or a magazine cover body, or even a multi-million dollar company. 

The main thing you need to do is appreciate yourself for what you are and stop comparing your lifestyle, body and insta feed with others. Not just today but everyday, your health and happiness comes first and I suppose if that if you truly learn to love yourself and appreciate the people (and even the little things around you – that maybe you take for granted) then you really will have a feel-good feeling all the time.

Today, where I am at least, the sun is shining and everyday I focus on at least 5 things per day to appreciate. I can truly say it makes my day so much better and would reccomend it to other people too!

So, all in all – love yourself and others around you, appreciation is a wonderful thing and if you concentrate on that then what could bring you down? I suppose being happy starts from within, maybe seeing the best in people and loving others is just key and that’s just how it is.

Happy Valentines day! Chlo x

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