Blue Monday : Why not to be down

Apparently, today was meant to be the gloomiest day of the year – not the happiest of headlines you want to see is it?

Bad weather, most people given up on their new years resolutions and stretching your cash from the menace of December Christmas shopping. Now, this suggests in a dip in our mental health, so instead of thinking about what today was meant to be, I decided to think about what it was not.

Today, I reflected on our inner strength. Everyone has different things going on with their life, whether its big or small and sometimes you don’t even notice. People sometimes don’t want to explicitly mention it – I know I definitely don’t sometimes. People have different pressures and it can all get too much. This can relate to everyone – no one can deny that they haven’t had a time in their life they have found difficult or mentally challenging.

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Usually, I’m an open book, frank with how I feel and wear my heart on my sleeve. If my feelings are jarred I will usually talk about them but from time to time, I keep it to myself and that’s okay. Everyone has their own way of dealing with things, but especially when you’re down, finding strength in yourself is so rewarding. To find stability in a time when everything is rattled is a wonderful thing, hence why we should focus on not being so blue.

Winter can be a dull month but let us not be engulfed in the dreary weather and hopeless feelings – it’s only temporary and soon the sun will be shining, half terms will be upon us and everything will be different.

We can do things we don’t think we can – I thought I would scrape a pass on my first portfolio but this week got my results back and ended getting 65 ( a 2.1). we can surprise ourselves when we least expect it and although this sounds very cringey (I know), we are more capable than we know, especially when we are pushed.

It doesn’t have to be so blue

Now this may sound a bit extreme for just one day, it’s important to reflect sometimes on the bright side of things.

I suppose if we approach the remainder of January with an open mind, and be true to yourself – what can go wrong? At the end of the day we have the people around us, but more importantly we have our own strength.

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