1 Day to Go – Christmas Eve traditions!

Our annual celebrations the day before the BIG day

Whether you go down to the pub with your dad for a pint, do a last minute dash to see family or just chill out, Christmas Eve traditions are great before the major festivities commence on the 25th!

In my house on Christmas Eve, we always have a brunch with our God-parents! A full english round mine with bucks fizz and catch up with everyone around the table! There is 9 of us in the morning just munching on scrumptious food to get our day started!

Brunch for Christmas Eve

Around midday everyone heads off and our other set of God-parents come over to spend the afternoon and evening with us (usually with mulled wine and nibbles!).

I look forward to this day so much because we just spend it with the people we love most and it’s just such a lovely atmosphere – as well as the fact that we have loads of food, drink and laughter! If it has been really busy, we might not have seen them for a couple of months so this get-together is really special to me and my family!

Everyone has their own special things they like to do in the holidays but personally, I love spending it with the people most special to me and that’s just how it is!

It would be great to hear what everyone else does for Christmas Eve or any other traditions they enjoy around Christmas time!

Christmas traditions

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