2 Days to Go – Festive films for cozy Christmas evenings

Classic movies to get you in the mood

Is there anything better than being all wrapped up in blankets and cozy pyjamas watching festive films during the run up ‘til Christmas? Everything is cold outside, you are inside warm – maybe a fire, a hot drink with a few snacks… lovely. Just such a nice thing to get some downtime to relax before the busy day that is sure to be planned for the next day. Here are my favourite Christmas films for a seasonal movie night!

Home Alone – An absolute classic!                     

This film is by far one of the most memorable and definitely gets played every year in our house! Even though everyone knows what happens it just never seems to get old and young Macaulay Culkin doesn’t lose his charm! Such a feel-good film for the whole family.

Elf – not just for the kids!

Elf will no doubt make anyone laugh! the cheesy comedy paired with Will Ferrell is just a match made in heaven. Christmas wouldn’t be the same unless the film was at least aired 3 times a week. One that will make everyone giggle and feel christmassy from head to toe!

Love Actually – the best rom-com!

I put my hands up to this one, Love Actually is one of my favourite Christmas films of all time! It’s a film that makes you feel all fuzzy inside but also has drama and comedy to it, whilst getting you in the Christmas spirit!

The Grinch who stole Christmas – fantastic fantasy!

Jim Carrey is amazing in this! I don’t know anyone who has watched this movie and not enjoyed it! A very cute story reminding us of the humble meaning of Christmas, my brother definitely would choose this over any other film!

A Christmas Carol – a delight from a Dickens classic!

I loved the book so this adaptation was very enjoyable! A classic tale to follow with compassion and forgiveness by the end!

Arthur Christmas – adventure for all!

A magical journey that even my grandparents enjoyed! Truly heart-warming and a great film to watch with the entire family snuggled on the sofa!

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