A first time for everything

To anyone who has tried blogging before – did anyone tell you how many times you would rewrite your first blog before even posting it?

where to begin                              

To all of the people who have yet to start a blog – no one told me!

The fresh start at uni prompted me to start up a blog.

Deciding to start was a blog was a first, but writing the opening post is another. So despite reading Pinterest’s “Top 57 things to include in your first post” and  after many searches for inspiration, I am doing this my way.

I’ve realised that no matter how many times you rewrite or try to find the perfect username, perfect profile picture or tag line – it wont help. A perfect blog doesn’t really exist and that’s okay, the point is that you put your whole self into it and just enjoy sharing.

I will start to write something more interesting  than this but has anyone ever been through this really obvious realisation that starting is the hardest part? I guess that’s true with everything, you just have to work with it and that’s just how it is.

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