Back to my home sweet home – travelling back to Uni after the holidays


Yesterday morning I could think of nothing worse than getting out of bed. The best night sleep cut short. Heading out 8:13am to be exact.

It was a day at the office ahead and then I would be going back to uni! To be honest I felt strange, conflicted in fact.

I was in two minds about going back to Bristol – not because I didn’t want to go back but because I had got so used to being back home with my family, after all it had been nearly a month away. But obviously I would have to go back at some point – my course starts again on the 22nd.

However, despite this first feeling (and nearly falling asleep in the car as my Dad answered his morning calls) I had a great day. Work was amazing and I got sooo much done! It was one of those days where because you do so many things time just flies by!

Does anyone else have a little happy dance after a productive work day when you know you’ve just completed more than you thought, or is it just me?

For the bonus – on my lunch break I went to drop my bags off and Dan met me so I didn’t even have to lug the heaviest case up the stairs – remember I live on the highest floor…

So I got taken back to uni after we had finished and honestly, it felt amazing!

I thought that it would be weird coming back into my house though after I got dropped off but (and I know it sounds cliché) but I just stepped in and I was back. Back in my home with my flatmates and it was like I had never left! – Does anyone know the feeling?

So, I suppose when somewhere feels like home you just naturally adjust and that’s just how it is, home sweet home!

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