Concentration vs Procrastination

Motivational Monday mayhem!

Yes, this week featured the first Monday of the new year. Now this was going to be a fresh new week to try and start to be more productive and write more, but it’s Thursday and I was planning on posting this two days ago!

I had decided that it was time and carry on finalising my work for my uni portfolio. I had been doing this all week and had literally spent the whole day in my room just non-stop editing. Now, I don’t know about any of you but I tend to get a little distracted, hence the lack of blogs this week.

The Big Confession

Yes, I am a procrastinator – not by choice, I wish I wasn’t. But sometimes I really need to focus and because I work best at night, during the day my mind seems to wander.

It just so happened yesterday had more distractions than usual – deliveries, the dog, slime videos…

Anyway, cut the story short – it was a happy ending. I did finish my work but this was from staying up until 5:30. It’s so strange. I’m like a night owl. Once I’m in the zone I can easily bust out all of my work – but this usually kicks in about 10:30pm. Luckily, I’m going back to uni today after work so I should be more concentrated – hopefully…


So I’ve decided that maybe I should in future try cut off myself from distractions – but I suppose even though its annoying, working at night is just when I write best and for me that’s just the way it is. My friend can only write in the morning and that suits him well enough. I think the more I try to cut myself off from the distractions, the more I get distracted so I should instead motivate myself to push on through the work – saying that anything to get my coursework in on time is a dream!

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