4 Days to Go – Gifting Galore

The Christmas countdown continues!

Every year we try to make it better than the one before with stylish decorations, presents and parties. To be honest it can all get a bit tiring and expensive to keep up with everything at this time of year!

On the topic of gifting, even though the phrase is over – used by probably every single parent “it’s better to give than to receive”, it couldn’t be more true. Even if it’s just a small offering, giving to others makes you feel great when you see their reaction.

The Perfect Gift

The trouble is, I can’t find the right presents for my pals this year! I don’t know why but nothing screams “YES BUY ME, I’M HERE IT’S ME”. I usually can find exactly what I’m looking for but I must just be very unprepared this year … and budgeted!  I’m sure I will find the last little bits but there is so many nick-nack type gifts that I cant decide on!

I always take a personal approach to present giving, just a few small things that either remind them of good memories we have shared throughout that year or things they wont stop going on about! Sometimes less is more and simple gifts can really touch people, like photos, their favourite food/drink or thoughtful personalised things!

Pristine presentation – Expectations vs Reality

As for wrapping, I am not the neatest but let’s just call it the rustic approach … that’s in isn’t it? I’m sure people don’t worry too much about the wrapping as it will just get ripped off…

It all looks so easy in all the Christmas movies, things perfectly encased in red and green paper, ribbons with silver glitter and matching labels and bows. It all seems great until it comes to the moment that you have to buy all of the individual accessories to wrap as-well as picking out a ‘perfect’ present! How can you wrap a football neatly? or a giant bear? Pinterest seems to have answers but constructing a perfect wrap can consist of 3 hours of concentration, a glass of wine and a lot of creativity – not to mention finding the end of the sticky tape without getting frustrated or even hiding them so no-one finds them!

However, all in all, regardless of the stress of making it a perfect Christmas, it’s great to treat your family and friends but it doesn’t mean you have to buy the whole of the shop or go crazy with bells, glitter-tags or ribbons. Gifts are great but remember to stay present – enjoy the time spent together and the gifts are a bonus.

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  1. Unprepared and budgeted definitely described me as well this holiday. I’m surprised I actually finished my holiday shopping. As far a wrapping gifts, that requires a certain mood. I definitely gift-boxed or gift-bagged everything. Lol. This is certainly a relatable post.

    1. I know! It gets to the point where you just feel like you may as well just not wrap anything at all! I feel like everyone is like that this year? x

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