5 Days to Go – 5 things to do to get festive

Activities to get you in the mood for Christmas!

Coming back from uni and seeing everything all lit up and ready for the big day has been great, but somehow I feel like I need to be more festive! No doubt about it, this time of year is wonderful and I adore spending time with the people I love but the question is what do I do in this time?

I don’t want to waste the month I have off before and after Christmas just sitting around and watching Netflix, even though this would be great with a tin of quality streets on my lap – I want to do things that are fun, cheap and simple that we could do every year.

  1. Baking – you don’t have to be an expert chef! Cooking is a great way to spend fun time with family and friends, getting stuck into simple recipes that everyone will love. Shortbread and gingerbread- men are classic and they will probably go don a treat with all guests! It’s also cheap and if anyone doesn’t have the time to do this, you can always nip to the supermarket and buy the biscuits and decorate the with icing and sprinkles – this will be less hassle and time if there are younger children. Pre-made gingerbread houses can also be a good idea!

2. Watching Christmas movies or listening to festive music – who doesn’t love a good cheesy film night? A cosy night in with a few seasonal treats, sat all together is a lovely way for anyone to just have a relaxing night after manic shopping trips to get last minute presents or return back slippers because they are too small for the person you bought them for.

3. A group outing – anywhere! This could be a walk with the dog, without the dog, discovering a new place or something like iceskating or visiting a Santa’s grotto! Getting out of the house may be difficult for some but it’s definitely worth it, being in the house all day is boring and with the run up to Christmas the festive fun will make everyone feel seasonal and excited!

4. Drinks and nibbles – invite the neighbours! To give a real sense of community at this time of year, connect with your neighbours for a catch up with drinks and nibbles! It could be in the evening or afternoon or alternatively you could have a get-together in the morning with coffee, hot chocolate and mince pies! Just to get everyone involved, try reconnect with old friends and family you haven’t seen in a long time to really appreciate who you have around you at Christmas time. Be appreciative and even stick on a Christmas jumper!

5. Relax – take a bit of me time! When you can, give yourself a break. The year has been long and sometimes stressful organising and working. Everyone deserves some downtime at Christmas ! Make sure you have your me time!

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