Dealing with demands as new chapters begin

Life is full of pressures, there’s no doubt there. There is no way anyone can go through life without feeling stress or difficulty because that’s just not how it is! However, life is full of many curious and beautiful things, dogs, pizza, sliced bread – but sometimes we can lose sight of these things because we are too busy focussing on other distractions!

UCAS, University and your future – what I would say to myself a year ago

The whole process of getting into and applying for uni is enough stress already without teachers forcing it down your throat every 5 minutes.

Yes, it is important to get your UCAS sorted and submitted along with your personal statement but don’t stress too much about it.

Of course you have to get in within the deadline gap (that’s important)

But honestly the pressure of it all was so overwhelming and unnecessary. It’s not the end of the world if your personal statement doesn’t look like a Shakespeare play – its not meant to – you simply need to tell universities why you want to go there and why you should have a place – be you. Take the advice you can get but don’t put yourself in the mind-set that you need to use the online thesaurus every other word – it will literally sound like Joey off friends…

Let’s be honest it will take about 2 minutes to read so is it really worth getting overly stressed about it? I think not – so if I could tell myself one thing a year ago about what to do, it would be to chill out – you will be fine you will get it finished and it doesn’t matter that teachers are stressing – it’s really so the forms can get out of their hair and off their desks to be processed.

 I know it may seem that they are worrying way too much but they want to get all of your details sorted so you can receive offers – it is actually all for you even though it seems like they drone on just because they can.

Give yourself a break and give yourself more credit!

I had a Facebook memory recently this week posting about finishing the UCAS process and anxiously waiting for offers (I know CRINGE but we have all been there). So, advice on that front – CHILL OUT, and after its finished and submitted, give yourself a break, it’s stressful trying to complete it whilst still learning and revising for mocks and end of year exams.

Results and moving on

You can’t change your results, the only thing you can do is find the right route for you – be it plan A or plan B.

Results day is the day where everyone is either absolutely bricking it or pretending they aren’t. It can feel like a big deal and in some way it is, the results can lead onto a specific path. Just one thing to note – its not the end of the world if they aren’t what you were hoping for or expecting – I know from experience. Exams are important – but they’re not the only way to a successful future. Lots of people achieve success in life without doing well in school exams.

I received BCCD on my yellow piece of paper. Personally not what I wanted but it got me into my first choice uni!

I put everything into my exams and my results got me where I wanted. At first I was disappointed that I hadn’t achieved higher  and this is when I realised I put so much pressure on myself to get certain grades when it isn’t needed– I had done the best I could have done on that day of the exam and that IS good enough!

Lots of my friends at uni didn’t get the results they wanted but went through clearing or got the offers accepted anyway – you can be surprised with all the different options you have despite your results. All I would say about results and getting into uni or an apprenticeship – do as much as you can but after the exams are over – there is no more pressure, it is what it is. You can’t change the result, the only thing you can do is use them to find a route that’s right for you – and if this is alternative to your first choice of plans, believe me there are so many options.

Moving away

Again a stressful event that will probably dawn on you if you ever move out to uni, of course alongside the excitement of it all (which you can read in my blog ‘Moving in and moving on’). It’s a massive concept to grasp and quite frightening if its your first time away.

Also, like anywhere new you are going to make new relationships with completely different people, all unique with different backgrounds, stories and humour. Be yourself, be kind and you will find your pals. Make sure you make effort to build relationships, some may be more confident than others but you do you!

Courses and jobs

Pressure for getting onto a course or getting a new job can be stressful. Once getting onto a specific course or employment, you can feel overwhelmed to achieve certain progress, grades or level of development – just like in school.

60% of young people (aged 18 to 24) have felt so stressed by pressure to succeed that they have felt overwhelmed or unable to cope –

One thing I would say for this is definitely take advantage of people around you – don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice! Find out what you could be doing to reach both your personal goals and your targets that you have to reach. You don’t see real success before you have a few hiccups – it’s natural. Don’t take any bumps in the road as a bad thing because you will learn from them.

Nowadays there is so much pressure to be a certain type of employee, student, friend and overall person. Just do you! It’s healthy to have challenges but putting loads of pressure on yourself can negatively affect you. There’s no way you will not experience pressure but that’s just how it is.

Always remember to be yourself, ask for advice and don’t lose sight of the things that make you happy. Work hard but give yourself credit for any successes you achieve!

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